• Become a Full Stack Ruby Developer in 10 weeks.

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  • Become a Software Engineer

    Join the hundreds who have learned with CoderSchool

    Learn the latest with Rails 5.1

    From Silicon Valley to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Our curriculum was developed by leading Silicon Valley software educators. You'll learn Ruby on Rails from the ground up to deploy modern, cutting-edge web applications according to industry-best practices. We'll be there for you every step of the way.

    Hands on Learning

    Spend 400+ hours of coursework towards a great portfolio

    You'll work on four different real world projects designed to teach you the skills you'll need to be a software engineer in the real world. We believe in learning by doing.

    Become a Successful Software Engineer

    Beyond just code

    Our experienced teachers will be there to make sure you don't miss out on the fundamentals behind successful software engineers along the way. Graduating the course is only the first step - our teachers will be there to help guide you as you find your next job and beyond.

  • Instructors

    Harley Trung

    Chief Instructor

    Computer Science, Yale '10


    Started programming at 12. Worked at Microsoft HQ. Cofounded venture-backed startups in US & China. Teacher of Swift, Ruby, and React Native at www.coderschool.vn.

    Charles Lee


    Computer Science, Berkeley '06


    10 years of software engineering in Silicon Valley. Teacher of Swift, Android, and Ruby at www.coderschool.vn.

  • 60% off for the first 10 students ($1,000 instead of $2,500)

    100% Money Back Guarantee for the first three weeks of the course.
    Next cohort starts Monday, July 10.

  • Testimonials

    Long Vu

    I had such a great learning experience at CoderSchool's Ruby on Rails course. The teacher is very instructive and patient, his knowledge and skill in his field is just at world level! The curriculum was off the chart, I'm still re-visiting the course material to learn what I have missed during classes.

    Loi Tran

    Obviously, this is just the beginning and if you're serious about being a software developer in your career you have to learn a lot on your own and be prepared to put in the hours. But no matter how much work you put in there's never a substitute for having a team that's got your back.

    These guys are CoderSchool definitely have your back. Any questions you have they try to help guide you through.

    They've put so much work into the program and I'm proud to be a Alumni of it. Completing this program has given me so many skills and experiences that it's difficult to list them all. Completing the program is hard and challenging but overall so worth it imho

    Nguyen Do

    Wonderful bootcamp and strongly recommend it! it's such an intensive course with so many late nights, but definitely worth it - learn today and have your app on your device the next day :). Harley and TA (Chau and Dave) are very supportive in all classwork, QA's and assignment reviews.

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    Next cohort starts Monday, July 10.